Title: Shake It Off

Artist: Taylor Swift

Played: 1737 times


louis telling liam to take his in-ears out during little things

This has been in my drafts forever because I can’t do it justice, so I’m just gonna say this: Louis knowing how much moments like this mean to Liam, recognizing that it’s one of those moments, and pointing out the opportunity for Liam to feel like that is everything. They’re sitting on a stage half a world away from home, and tens of thousands of people are singing along with them, and against all odds they got there together.

I’ve never seen Louis be more okay with the fact that Liam’s attention is on something other than him, and while Liam’s looking out at the crowd, Louis is looking at Liam. Because honestly, when you love Liam, how could you not want to see him look like that?

Stiles Stilinski + tears


Your words are what I’ll play in my head when I have a rough day, and I’m so thankful for that.

friends meme: 4/5 moments · ”i got my girls”

August 29th ‘14

5 Seconds of Summer arrive in New York and take time to take photos with fans - July 19th, 2014